About Us

Who We Are 
“OLALA~!” is a surprising utterance, a happy yell from people's bottom of heart.
This is what we are chasing for: supplementing taste of easiness and happiness to the cool digital life.

OLALA is a group of passionate designers who are clinging to combine delighting user experience with the latest technologies.
We design unique and simple peripherals for consumer electronics and mobile tech accessories, such as high-tech power bank, iPhone/iPad flash drive, USB flash dirve, Lightning cables, etc., to express the lively and happy feelings, confident and open-minded attitude towards life.

We believe our high quality products with unique ingenuity will add new flavor to your high-tech lifestyle.

What We Do
At OLALA, 100% customer satisfaction is our concern and goal.

We approach every detail from a user's perspective to improve our technology.

Our worry-free guarantee ensures you get quick and reliable service when you need it.