• +Q: What kinds of file format can be supported by the App
    A: See below:
    Documents: TXT、 DOC、 XLS、 PPT、 PDF
    Pictures: BMP、 JPEG、 TGA、 GIF、 PNG
    Audio: MP3、 APE、 FLAC、 WAV、 AC3、 M4A(MPEG-4)
  • +Q: After using the product for a period of time, why does the identification time of the App
    A: Because of forcing to plug out. (such as: while copy, delete, uses plug out the flash drive when the process is taking.) The flash drive can be fixed when formatting by PC. Reminder: when using the flash drive, must use in a right way. Don't force to plug while using.
  • +Q: When recording video via App
    A: If the video is high definition and recording for a long time, then it's normal that saving is time-consuming. Because while saving the App need to handle the files.
  • +Q: When using camera function via APP
    A: Users not only need to open the permission of camera but also need to open the permission of Microphone.
  • +Q: When plug the iPhone Flash Drive, why sometimes the communication can’t be seen?
    A: Due to the iOS10, the communication dialog maybe unstable. Users just need to click the “iDIsk me” APP icon, when the App highlight then connected.
  • +Q: Is it normal if the power bank becomes warm when charging for mobile devices?
    A: There is current transformation process for both charging for mobile devices and charging for the power bank itself, this process generates heat normally. But please don’t worry, the qualities of OLALA power bank’s battery is guaranteed and the cells are very stable.
  • +Q: What should I do if the power bank cannot charge for mobile devices because the connecter is not matched with the mobile phone or digital device?
    A: You can use the cable of your mobile device to connect to the power bank and charge for them. If it’s the quality problem, please contact us.
  • +Q: What should I do if the power bank cannot start?
    A: Please charge the power bank first because maybe it is out of power when you receive it. Then repress the start button. Or check if there is problem with your device and cable. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us.
    If the power bank cannot start after you use it for a period, the reason may be that you over discharged the power bank or occurs external short circuit, resulting in automatic protection of power bank you need to charge it again to activate it.
  • +Q: Will it affect the power bank function if it’s dropped on the ground?
    A: Please avoid dropping or crash, especially extrusion. Since inside the power bank, there are complex cell devices. Crash or extrusion may beak these elements at any time. Some people like to put the power bank under a seat or on the nightstand, pressed by many magazines. These actions are easy to hurt the power bank batteries.
  • +Q: What should I pay attention to when charging for the power bank?
    A: Please avoid using the power bank before it’s fully charged. Like the maintenance of cell phone batteries, they are not advocated to use before fully charged, or it will impair its life cycle.
  • +Q: How to maintain power banks?
    A: Please store them in a dry environment, avoid water and sunlight, and avoid strong impact and hardship. If you don’t use it for a long time, please ensure charging it full once a month.
  • +Q: Is it safe to charge a cell phone by power bank with different outputs?
    A: Normally the output voltage of power banks is 5V, it is the same voltage as all the standard chargers, so it doesn’t have any impact on cell phones. Also, cell phone manufacturers already set the current input safety devices according to different models, which means that no matter how big the power bank output current is, the current input to the cell phone is within the current capacity that the manufacturer preset. So please don’t worry the damage of your cell phone because of the big output current of the power bank.
  • +Q: Does power bank have radiation?
    A: According to many surveys, current generates a magnetic field after a series of changes, resulting in some radiation. There will be current output when charging for a cell phone by a power bank or charging for the power bank itself. So it is unavoidable to have a certain amount of radiation. At present, OLALA banks use DC-DC circuit and mobile phone chargers use AC-DC circuit. The radiation of AC-DC circuit is much higher than DC-DC circuit. So the radiation is very low when charging for mobile phones by OLALA power bank, it won’t cause impact on human body. Here, we advise you to turn off the power bank if you don’t use it.
  • +Q: Can OLALA power bank charge for all the mobile electronic devices?
    A: At present, OLALA power bank is mainly for charging mobile devices with lithium-ion battery, including most mobile phones, MPS, Game Players, GPS, digital cameras, etc. Since the output voltage is 5V, OLALA power bank cannot charge for digital video cameras (9V), and laptop PC(12V-22V). Also, even if the voltage match, if there is no appropriate charging connector, you cannot charge for them.
  • +Q: What is “the 7 high-performance intelligent security protections”?
    1 Overcharge Protection: Detects when the battery is full, and automatically stops charging in order to protect the battery
    2 Over discharge Protection: When the battery is low, the device will automatically stop charging the phone in order to protect the battery
    3 Over Current: On the power output discharging port, if there is an abnormal amount of output current, power will automatically stop in order to protect the device being charged
    4 Over Voltage: on the power input charging port, any situation with aberrant voltage will result in power automatically turning off.
    5 Short Circuit Protection: Detection of abnormal current or voltage at any time stops the power automatically
    6 Intrusion Prevention: provide protection against current flowing backward
    7 Over temperature protection: Detects if the battery temperature exceeds 60 degrees, and stopps charging and discharging in the event of overheating

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